Get Your Kids Noticed

Strolling through the Works for Me Wednesday list I came across this great tip over at The Wooden Porch.  Losing a child in a crowd is easily one of the scariest things that can happen to a parent.  With my little ones I write a cutesy little note  “Hi, my name is ___.  I would very much like to find my mother.  Her name is ___.  Her cell phone number is ___.  Please call her for me.”  Then I fold it in half and write “In Case of Emergency” REALLY big on the outside. Then I tape it to their backs. This accomplishes two things. First they don’t have to be able to recite their name and contact information in a potentially stressful situation and second, lots of people notice a child walking around with a big sign on his back. I once lost my son for about 30 seconds at a carnival. It was only 30 seconds because 4 different people said, “oh, the ’emergency’ kid? He’s over there.”