WFMW – Medicine Reminder

I’m taking an antibiotic.  I don’t normally take medicine so I was having a hard time remembering.  Especially since it’s supposed to be taken four times a day.  The Doc made it sound real easy as he handed me the prescription.

“You just take it with each meal and once again at bedtime.”  HA!  That assumes that we have regular meals around here. 

 “Mom, I’m hungry.” 

“Uhm, okay… what about a carrot and this leftover muffin?”

Anyway, today I got the idea to set a timer.  I have a countdown clock on my phone so I set it for 6 hrs and reset it after I took the pill.  Not so ingenious really but it’s working for me.


3 thoughts on “WFMW – Medicine Reminder

  1. That sounds so simple but I had never thought of it and my son takes regular medicine and I am always an hour off here and there, that is a great idea to make me remember.

  2. You mean I’m not the only one who forgets my child’s medicine? That’s so nice to know.

    Thanks for the great tip. Next time we have antibiotics to take, I’m setting my phone!

  3. Works for me, too! I have to take medicine four times a day, for.e.ver. Sometimes, I use the timer on the oven, setting it for 4 or 5 hours when I take a dose, and I also have regular reminders set on my phone, to remind me at 12, 5 and 9 every day. I also use a little reminder program on my computer.

    Can you believe that with all that, I still forget a dose every now and then? And when I forget a dose, I feel it later, so you could say I’m kinda obsessive like that.

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