Chicken Chatter

Can I just share the cutest, little thing I found in the chicken coop?

The one on the left is a “normal” Araucana egg and the one on the right … not so normal.  And yes, I’m sure it’s not a robin egg.

Speaking of chickens, specifically Auracana’s, I have one (Let’s call her Hazel) that just insists on flying the fence.  We have started free-ranging our flock on some property behind their run.  I used some lattice to create a not so bad looking way for them to get to the new grazing ground which was a MUCH better solution than allowing them to roam about the yard (too many undesirables left lying around).  At least we thought it was a better solution.  Hazel either doesn’t agree or she’s a loner because every morning she flies out and spends the day wandering the yard in chicken solitude.  I suppose I will have to clip her wings to keep her in.  I’m hesitant though because she’s pretty to look at (the other chickens are mostly out of sight) and it’s funny to watch her follow the children around like a puppy.  She even occasionally follows the dog around like a puppy.  Strange but cute.

In other chicken news I am wondering about dressing out our own hens when their laying days are over.  This poem was one of the best descriptions of the process I could find.  While it doesn’t sound hard in the logistical sense  I still remember visiting Aunt Helen’s House of Poulty Purgatory.  Therein existed a certain smell one never forgets.  This may be where I draw the line on simple living.


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