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I am not a football fan in the least.  I mean, I watch on occasion and I know the rules … kind of.  Still, it wasn’t unil about noon yesterday that I even realized Super Bowl Sunday was upon us and then only because my sis walked in with all kinds of party fixin’s.  Anyway, to make a long story short, I watched the game with the rest of my family… Okay, I wandered in and out of the room … a lot … but I saw some of the game.  In particular I saw the part at the end where they present the trophy and I heard both the owner and the coach give credit where credit was due.  Everybody made such a big deal about the coach being the first African-American to win the Super Bowl and he admitted to being proud of that too but then said he was even more proud he and his assistant coach are Christians and that they did it the Lord’s way.  What an awesome and bold witness for Christ.

I tried today to find his exact words because I was going to quote him but no one seems to be posting that part of the speech.  Still, what I did find by searching is that no one denies the incredible faith and humbleness of Tony Dungy.

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