Photo Hunters – Theme: Gross


From the American Heritage Dictionary:

A group of 144 items; 12 dozen.

I offer 144 diapers.  It’s a somewhat of a mixed bag (136 Seventh Generation #4’s and 8 Fuzzi Bunz).  I thought about making a design – You know, a happy face or something.  But c’mon – they’re diapers!  And I couldn’t imagine why they’d make me smile.

  • Dense; profuse.
  • Glaringly obvious: gross injustice.

Brother is 2 1/2  and still in diapers.  While the rate of diaper changes has slowed since his infancy on average I have changed about 8 diapers a day for just over 900 days.  That’s 7,300 diapers changes.  Certainly that is a ‘profuse’ amount.

Also, considering a diaper change takes on average 4 minutes (including fetching supplies and catching the child).  I calculate a whopping 29,200 minutes I’ve spent performing this staple of motherhood.  That’s 486.6 hours or 20 continuous days!  I have two children so 40 days of my lifetime has been set aside exclusively for wiping someone else’s fanny…. Not fanny funny.  It’s a gross injustice.

Offensive; disgusting.

Do I really need to expound on why diapers fit this part of the definition?


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9 thoughts on “Photo Hunters – Theme: Gross

  1. Great subject for the mother of little ones! I am confident that you have used far more than a gross of them! Thanks for your comment at Pollywog Creek. Tell your little ones that I took the photo several weeks ago and I have no idea where it is now, but I suspect it is no longer a “calipil”! Blessings!

  2. I had only one, and the diapers went bye-bye about 19 years ago, so I can barely remember… but that odor from the dirty diaper holder will be burned in my brain until I die. Good luck with the potty training there.

  3. That is my kind of gross! Love it! It’s been kind of rough looking at all the photos people have been posting reflecting the theme. My hubby keeps telling me I am going to have nightmares and he’s probably right! lol

    My daughter was just having me look at how diapers have snaps now and are so much improved over what I used when they were babies! :)

  4. Wow, that is a gross amount of diapers. I hate to think, or even figure out, how many diapers I have changed. Both my boys were 4 yr old before they were potty trained, sigh.

    Have a great weekend,
    Biker Betty :)

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