An Evening of Popping with Papa

We love stuff from Klutz.  The projects are simple and fun and all the materials are provided.  What could be better?  The kids got a pop bead people book for Christmas and liked the little creatures so much I ordered extras.  Last night Papa was home so Sister roped him into a project of magnificent proportion.

“I have an idea, Papa.  Let’s see how many beads we can put together.”


“Great!  You put the round ones together over there and when you get some long strings hand them to me and I will put them together over here.”

I think Papa got the raw end of this project but he didn’t seem to mind.  Any guesses how many feet of pop beads the team put together in about an hour?


They even did the odd ones.

I’ll post the answer tomorrow with the photo hunt.  You did remember Saturday’s photo hunt day, didn’t you?