Kids on the Web

When my parents downsized their company we had a number of extra computers around.  They all eventually got parcelled out here and there but one remains and now it belongs to my children.  I am surprised by how adept they have become at using it and  love what a great learning tool it can be; but it has internet access and I don’t want them stumbling across inappropriate content.  At the same time I don’t really want to install some sort of arbitrary filter.  Did that once on my own computer and it was nothing but a hassle. (As a doula I might really need to do a search on breasts or any number of other ‘forbidden’ topics.)  Anyway, at this point, not knowing how to read, my children don’t do a lot of searching so here is my solution.  I set it as their homepage and because I created it I control the content.  It’s not pretty but it’s straightforward enough that Brother can use it.  Hopefully, your children can too. (I will add a link on the sidebar too.)

Also, I would welcome any of your own suggestions for kid friendly websites.  I’m focusing on the 2 to 8yr range right now.


4 thoughts on “Kids on the Web

  1. Hey. I’m the creator of Inkless Tales, one of the web sites you chose as “kid-friendly.”

    Just wanted to say… thanks! Write me any time with suggestions. I’m always all ears when it comes to users. Especially little users.


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