A Long Story with a Little Something Useful

Brother is currently in that delightful transition period known as “the end of naptime.”  Because of this there have been more nap-less days of late and interestingly enough, more restless nights.  As if not having a bit of unwind time midday allows him to acquire more stimulation than one night of dreaming can dissipate.  I have tried putting him to bed earlier but it is difficult to explain to one with such limited vocabulary why Sister is allowed to “play” and he is not.  Conversely, it is not a little unfair to make her bedtime earlier because of a grumpy Brother.  So it is that everyone under 6 goes to bed at once.  Except tonight when Sister and I returned from washing her hair (trauma story for another day) to find Brother already sound asleep on the couch.  Snuggly wrapped within his bathtime towel and blankie I might have been content to “let sleeping dogs lie” except for the fact that he was buck naked underneath.  Oh, bother.  Let me skip the suspense and tell you we did get a diaper on him… before anything unpleasant happpened.  But that’s not the part I wanted to share.  The story is how we moved him and how it reminded me of the countless times we’d done the same in his infancy.  Like many infants Brother liked to fall asleep in motion.  Like many parents we grew exhausted providing said ‘motion.’  So we bought a swing and there was many a night that baby Brother slept nestled in that tireless cradle… until the night he fell out.  I know, I know… poor form; bad, bad parenting … What can I say, you let a lot of things slide when you’re tired – particularly things that work.  Anyway, after that we developed the hammock method of transport.  Here’s how it works.

  1. Lay a blanket in the swing so it looks like a diamond from the front.
  2. Settle baby in the swing
  3. Wait for baby to completely doze off.
  4. Holding the four corners of the blanket and carefully move baby anywhere you want him.
  5. We didn’t worry about this step because we all share a bed but if you use a crib, consider tucking the edges of the blanket under the mattress to keep baby from getting rolled up in it.