Photo Hunters – Theme: Memory

In case you haven’t noticed, I love taking photographs.  Will wants to get a camcorder and while I agree there are some things best captured by video for the most part I am a “picture is worth a thousand words” kind of person.  Not only do I enjoy taking my own pictures I like looking at other people’s perspectives as well.  Because of that (and because I frequently have nothing of note to write about on Saturdays)  I’ve decided to participate in the Photo Hunters weekly meme. 


Just one look at this week’s theme and I knew exactly what picture to use. I scoured through boxes and albums of pre-digital photos. I had almost given up but then – success! It’s a favorite story told in my family of the time our dog, Goober, won the title of “Ugliest Dog in Ellis County.” Goober was a poohuahua (poodle/chihuahua) and while I’m not saying the award was undeserved, part of me must believe the handler’s outfit contributed to the effect. …. that’s me by the way.

In scouring those albums though I came across a much more important memory.  This is my mom.  And this is how I remember waking up to her every morning (no, not with her hand in front  of her face :) ) sitting in her pajamas with coffee and a Bible, getting in a little quiet time before starting the business of the day.  I don’t know if she did this every day but often enough to have made an impression on me.  Often enough that it was clear where her faith ranked on the priority list.  And that makes me think of my children and what impressions I am creating.  Memories are more than just “remember when’s”.   They are creations of the Now and shapers of What Will Be.  Create them carefully.  Pay attention to the details.  And in this way may your rememberings be sweet.