Aunt R rushes in, “Toni, Toni! Your chickens are out!  This is an especially frantic call because Aunt R has a slight bird phobia.  No, that’s not accurate.  She doesn’t fear the whole bird.  Maybe it’s the beak?  What is that, then?  Beakaphobia?  Sorry, I digress.  So we rush outside to find that about a dozen chickens have made it through an almost non-existent hole in the fence.  It’s a typical “grass is greener” scenario except in this case the grass really is greener.  Mostly because it exists.  This past spring and summer our flock just barely kept up with the grass in their run.  Even into early September it was a pretty lush domain.  But now, in the midst of winter it’s a muddy mess.  Who wouldn’t want to escape?  We’ve been toying around with ideas of building a chicken tractor of sorts, expanding the fence,  or even letting them roam free.  But with 23 chickens any chicken tractor would have to be very large and with a cat and a dog on the property any fence would need a top (expensive).  The last option was out for a myriad of reasons.  Out of ideas we put Project: Chicken Expansion on hold.  It’s funny how things will just work themselves out if you let them.  Today’s seeming havoc was a blessing in disguise for we discovered the dog has no interest in chasing chickens and the cat seems scared by their sheer numbers.

Don’t worry girls, you’re up for parole soon.