Advent Stocking 23… Almost there.

Advent23#23 “Take a drive to look at Christmas Lights.”  It’s somewhat miraculous that this one lasted until the last weekend – okay, I confess some tampering in the order near the end.  If you live in a small town looking at Christmas lights might mean driving up and down streets admiring the various neighborhood creations and indeed, this is what I had in mind at the beginning but coming down to the wire and wanting something simple I was glad to realize we do not live in a small town.  Tulsa boasts a number of light displays to choose from and perhaps someday we may go to more than one but this year our pick was the lights at Rhema Bible Church.  A good time was had by all.  Why?

  • Admission is free. (though you can pay for a carriage ride tour if you like.) 
  • You can stay in your car if you want to.  We stayed in to view most of the buildings then got out and walked around the park.  The night was chilly but something about “jack frost nipping at your nose” made it more festive. 
  • They have ducks.  Here I must pause to note.  We took two children to a place with 40 gazillion lights… approximately… and they were most interested in the ducks. “Just goes to show,” Will said, “Living things like living things best.”
  • We were second in line to see Santa.  You may remember from a previous post that Sister knows Santa is not real.  Ask her straight out and she will tell you positively not.  Try to tease her about it or insinuate that gifts come from him and she will not play along.  But walking through Rhema park amidst all the lights she spied a red velvet coat worn by the jolly fellow himself and wRhemaWithSantahat does she say?  “LOOK, MOM!  THERE’S SANTA!  CAN WE GO SEE HIM?! CAN WE?!  What do you say?  “I’m not spending $5 dollars for a not so great photo and 2 minutes of time with someone who doesn’t even exist.”  Uh, no.  Parenting Proviso #46 – It is your duty to help your children grow into responsible, contributing adults but in the case of imaginary figures (ie. Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny) do not flee too quickly from fantasy and illusion.  There is plenty of reality to go around but only enough whimsy for the young. 

And who’s to say he’s not the actual Santa… He was jolly and his beard was real.