Advent Stocking 20 & Highlights of the Day

Advent20“Act out ‘Five Little Snowmen.’ ” 

Five Little Snowmen
by Stephanie Burton
Five little snowment were very fat,
Each one wore a funny hat;
Out came the sun and melted one,
And four little snowment stood in the sun.
(continue counting down to one)
One little nowman was very sad,
He still had his funny hat,
Down came the snow
and the children played,
And built four more snowmen on that winter’s day!

Whew, sure glad this was an easy one .  Today was a busy day.  I dropped Sister & her cousin K at a Little Gym camp this morning (9 to 12) while Brother & I went Christmas shopping.  We’d already finished the extended family (I love Amazon, Hallmark & DaleAndThomas, BTW.) but hadn’t gotten a thing for my two.  The stores weren’t so busy that early but Toy R Us sure showed some holiday wear.  This may be a bit of an exaggeration but it seemed there were as many empty or scantily stocked shelves as full ones and most of the employees seemed just as empty.  A trip to Mardel was more productive and more peaceful.  Have you ever noticed that some places you walk into immediately put you on edge (Toys R Us.) and others set you at ease and make want to stay? (Mardel)

A quick lunch then back to pick up the girls.  Drop K off at her ‘last day of school’ party.  Drop off a gift for Sister’s teacher’s and hurry home to take care of baby E.  (Aunt R & I planned a sitter swap – we take care of their child then they takes care of ours.  Both couples get a date … for free.)  Back at the house… CRISIS!  With Grandma & Papa going out of town Aunt R planned a While You Were Out scheme.  Paint the hallway.  No small task with only a couple of days, an infant and no crew to back you up but she had done it.  The Grandparent’s were due back soon and the only thing left was to pull off the tape.  Who could have predicted a rainy day that wouldn’t allow the paint to cure completely and who could have predicted that it (the paint) would start coming off in strips WITH the tape.  ARRGH!  Without going into any more detail, everything turned out well in the end. (Thank the Lord and the inventor of the exacto knife.)



What more fitting symbol for such a rain turned to sunshine sort of day than a rainbow.  Sister spied this one out the window and I hurried to snap this photo.  An absolutely perfect bow that spanned the sky, it only lasted for a few minutes before fading away.  A gentle reminder, we are in His care and He will never allow our life to be flooded by circumstance.