I was quietly drinking my coffee this morning, trying to wake up, when what to my wondering eyes did appear?  A brazen little mouse scurrying across my living room floor. (I know, I know.  It doesn’t rhyme.  I’m a little rattled at the moment.)  Not that I recommend it for a regular method but I have to say the mouse did a lot more to wake me up than the coffee.  I also must confess – I was overtaken by an urge that for most of my life has not been a problem.  I actually picked my feet up off the floor and cowered in my chair.

“Sister, sister!”, I yelled, “Where is the cat?!”

“Um, in the toy room.”

“Bring her in here… NOW!” (still cowering in the chair)

My friend M will be laughing at this point for the times I chuckled at her.  I will set the traps as soon as I finish here (Yes, I intend to kill it.”) and as soon as I convince myself it’s okay to get down off the chair.