Advent Stockings 12 & 13

Advent12#12 “Read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ or some other Christmas tale.  Somehow this story seemed longer when I was a child, hmm.  We have the Mary Englebreit version which has lovely, whimsical illustrations.



Advent13#13 “Play Dreidel”  Because we are not Jewish this was not a game we had ever played before but I was inspired by a display at Border’s (some marketing person somewhere is smiling at this) and purchased not only a “paint your own dreidel kit” but a cutie, little “how to play” book and two bundles of “gelt” (gold ‘coins’ with chocolate inside).  Sister spent the day designing and painting our dreidel so when Will got home we would be ready to play.  After supper, I divided the gelt betRileyGotGimmelween the four of us while Will read the instruction book and went over the symbols and meanings. ×  (Nun – nothing happens), ×’ (Gimel – the spinner takes all), ×” (Hei – the spinner takes half), ש (Shin – the spinner puts one in).  It is a remarkably simple game but still we were very surprised when after only a couple of turns around the table Brother began correctly identifying the symbols.  His favorite phrase of the evening? “Brother got Gimel!” … and he did 90% of the time…. uncanny.  After several rounds I redistributed the gelt and completely surpised Sister by revealing the chocolate.  We will most definitely do this one again.