Advent Stocking 9 & Trains

Advent9I was glad today was Saturday for #9 “Make an ABC book with winter/Christmas words.”  was a much larger project than I anticipated and it was good to have the whole day.   Will & Sister brainstormed words this morning while I did bills (fun! fun!) then this evening I assembled them with some clipart while everyone else watched a rodeo with Papa.  The finished product (WinterABCBook) turned out quite well and besides being fun to make will be helpful I’m sure as Sister continues learning letters in her quest to read. 

 So what did we do between ABC books, bills and rodeos?  Why we went to look at trains of course.  Actually, we went for a drive but Brother was so grumpy at that point that to get him into the car without a big fuss we agreed to find some trains.  There is a train yard not 5 minutes from the house so this could have been easily accomplished but Train1wouldn’t you know it Brother fell asleep moments before we got there.  Hmm, to wake or not to wake?  (Un?)fortunately, Sister has no such questions, “Brother, look!  Trains!”  Immediately, slumber is forgotten.  Will turns on a road that looks like it will take us in closer and we happen upon some flashing lights and an engine waiting for a crew change.  How serendipitous is that?  We hop out to get a better look and meet Jim a train enthusiast from Bentonville, AR who happens to be in Tulsa today at this exact railroad crossing at this exact time taking pictures.  God is so cool.  We learn a lot from Jim about how strong the engines are, about the crews and what an engine looks like inside.  We also learn there is a train show in town tomorrow… sounds like fun.