Advent Stocking 3

Sister’s pick:

Advent3 “Read the ‘Winter Time’ poem and make a poem of our own.”

Here’s ‘Winter Time’ by Mary Ryer:

  Icy fingers, icy toes, 
 Bright red cheeks and bright red nose. 
 Watch the snowflakes as they fall, 
 Try so hard to count them all. 
 Build a snowman way up high, 
 See if he can touch the sky. 
 Snow forts, snowballs, angels, too, 
 In the snow, so white and new. 
 Slip and slide and skate so fast. 
 Wintertime is here at last.

Here is Sister’s:

Christmas, Christmas here you come.
Ice floating in the air.
Try to catch as many snowflakes as you can.
They are sweet as candy.
Make snow ice cream from the snow.
Sometimes it snows ans sometimes it doesn’t
But whatever the weather it’s fun to play in.
October is near.  Hurray, hurray!
October 2nd is my birthday.