Cold and Chickens

Freezing rain and snow last night and more snow in the forecast for today, so school is closed and Sister is home.  The roads are slick so Will is home too.  Good thing.  I went to check the chickens this morning and found a surprise.  Remember the tree tarp that worked so well to shade the pen in the summer?  Well a tarp in the winter brings other advantages (no snow in the pen) and problems (a tarp covered with snow and on the verge of collapse).  It is almost 1:30 and we are just in from a little over two hours of scraping and bracing and shoveling.  There is still more work to be done but we are beat.  Time to start a fire and roast some hotdogs with the kids.

Chickens in Summer


Chickens in Winter


Later… We are all warm now and the snow is coming down so much we have opted to NOT go outside anymore today.  Instead we stayed in and made advent stockings.  We made ours out of paper and wrote activity ideas (have a cup of hot cocoa, sing Jingle Bells in a round, etc.) on the back instead of putting something inside.  What a fun family project!

Later still … With so much to work with, who can resist making snow ice cream?  Here’s our recipe.

  • 1 large bowl full of fresh snow
  • 1 can Milnot
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • milk or cream

Mix first 4 ingredients then add milk or cream until desired consistency is reached.