6:30 am to Now

6:30am “Up, mama, Up.  Go, Go Diego”  – translation – Get out of bed and carry me to the couch.  I’m not really aware of the time nor do I care.  I would like to watch Go, Diego, Go.

And so it begins:  Try to plan the menu for the week while Diego saves the dinosaurs, 1st Breakfast (Sister), 2nd Breakfast (Brother), 3rd Breakfast (Me), 4th Breakfast… ah, skip it, he’s big enough to get his own, sheets into the washer, feed the chickens, gather eggs, computer troubleshooting, oops – forgot to feed the birds, lunch, ride the bikes, re-hang Brother’s car swing, test it,  more computer stuff, play with the cousins, kite flying, kite chasing, Bye Bye cousins, toddler meltdown, car ride, haircut hunting for Will (who knew Jenks had so many salons… that don’t have time to cut hair.), settle on Supercuts, reading lesson in the car, visit to Mardel, supper, re-make the beds, shine the sink, bubble baths, pajama time, bedtime stories, goodnight prayer, blog

Whew… nothin’ like a lazy Saturday. Image