Growing, growing

“leaping little ones!  we know it is true, throughout our lives, that accomplishment comes in fits and starts and bursts and all-at-once. still we are astonished to witness the leaps our babes take. in the space of a day all kinds of long-worked projects come together. walking independently! signing words! speaking words! high-speed crawling!  things are a little quieter amongst the near-6 year old set, but learning is happening at an amazing rate. we need to watch carefully, for it moves along with subtlety. suddenly a certain book becomes interesting, a particular question is asked, the physical tricks get more complex, a social situation is negotiated with ease. busy child!   we love to watch them growing, growing, growing.” (excerpted from

Brother has two new phrases this week.  The first one is actually a single word but begs to be called a phrase for the way he says it.  Upon seeing a moving car or bike or closing door or any other impending danger he runs feverishly to safety and yells, “Yike…….ks”  (If the danger is pursuing someone else the phrase is extended to, “Yike…….ks.  Wach Out!”  His other new phrase, “Don Worry.” is usually followed by some inexplicable mumbling; assumably about whatever is causing the worry.  It seems a simple thing to say but means so much more because it signifies a developing compassion that every parent hopes to teach but never quite knows how.    Each day Sister more easily identifies various letters in words and a couple of days ago read the word “zoo” without even realizing it.  She is a phenomenal big sis – a champ at the art of compromise and incredibly patient with her constant copy cat.