It’s All About the Ending

A rather large, unexpected bill appeared this month and caused some stress around the house today.  Will & I spent a good deal of the day trying to “find” money.  Cutting a little bit here and there until we finally found just the right combination to cover the expense.  Though the solution is far from ideal and will call for sacrifices from all of us, it is still a solution.  Once we found it we loaded up the kids and headed to the park.  Time for a break.  We took a hike on a path we had never explored before, did some swinging and walked across the bridge.  The night was cool but not cold and our  simple adventures wisped away any remnants of financial tension.  We watched some brave souls learning the trapeze and Sister declared that if Papa builds her a trapeze she will become an acrobat and we can come and see her show.  On the way home we remembered another kind of show Sister used to put on for us.  “Oh, Oh —” was her name and she would run races around the living room with her imaginary friend Marsha.  Dad would give a play by play and I was in charge of the cheering section.  Sweet memories are the only kind worth keeping.