Sunday Afternoon


Today has been full of projects.  I am in the middle of creating a dozen or so paper mache dinosaur “eggs” for Sister’s birthday party on Saturday.  My parents and Will are working on putting up new ceiling tiles in the foyer – no small task since it is a two story space.  Will sprays each tile with a faux copper finish and as they dry Papa hangs them.  Grandma is running support.  The foyer has been unfinished since the beginning of the “move the stairs” project during which Papa took a couple of days to move the entire staircase back about 2 feet because Grandma felt the entry needed a bit more space.   Hmm… gotta love ’em.   In the middle of it all we look for time to enjoy simple things.  A quick trip to the store netted plenty of good fruit to eat this week and the ingredients for a yummy ham and potato soup tonight.   Brother helped me snap beans and it makes me think of when Sister used to do the same.  She is a proficient bean snapper now but at two it is hard to grasp the concept of snap off the ends – keep the middles.  In the mind of a two year old either the whole bean is good or whole bean is not.  This business of snapping must just be for fun. Though Brother took the job very seriously, faithfully snapping every bean handed to him. Later, we swiped a board from Papa’s scaffolding and made a makeshift balance beam.  It is much wider than a real beam but neither child seemed to notice or care.   Today’s picture is courtesy of Sister who created the arrangement and took the photo.