Weekend Recap & Reflection


We drove up to Wichita on Saturday for Uncle S. & Aunt T.’s fall party and to see their new house.  Besides a couple of trips to Gate, it was our first major roadtrip with both kids and, on the whole, things went pretty well.  We were all a little worn by the time we arrived and so didn’t hang out too long that evening – which was fine because it wasn’t really a kid party anyway.  Instead we got a room at the Best Western, swam, played games and zonked out by 10.  Refreshed after a good night’s rest, the next morning was much more enjoyable.  It was nice to catch up with relatives we don’t often see.  And Aunt T. made two breakfast dishes that were really yummy.  I will post the recipes when she sends them.  Congrats to Granddad James who not only has his pilot’s license but his “taildragger’s” license too.  This is fortunate because he and Grandma Sheila recently purchased a “taildragger” and it would really be a ‘drag’ (sorry, couldn’t resist) not to be able to fly your own plane.  We stopped over in Ponca on our way back from Wichita.  After some conversation and dinner we went to the airport where Will got to be James’ first passenger.  Sister took pictures from the ground and Brother pointed and said, “plane fly!” about a billion times.  When the flight was over James taxied up to where we were waiting and let Brother and Sister get in too…. but only to ride back to the hangar.  Not that you would know to hear Brother tell it.  He is absolutely convinced that plane flew to the hangar. 

Simply being home makes me feel rested but I need to remember that’s not necessarily the case with little ones.  It only took one wakeup meltdown and grumpy morning (Brother), one Little Gym ‘incident’ (Sister) and two kids zonking out in the car for me to realize my babes were not yet recovered from the trip.  …. Way to clue in, Mom.  Everyone (not Will – poor Dad) took some quiet time this afternoon and that helped.