Eggs, Painting & Art Honors


We have eggs!  I didn’t expect any until late October but one Pearl White obviously didn’t get the memo.  I’m not certain when she started exactly but she had laid six by the time I found them and a seventh today.  We did the fresh egg test and they are all good – though small.  I expect that as she matures her eggs will become larger.  Later in the day either one of the Rhode Island Reds or Black Stars laid one brown egg.  So we’ve had eight total with only two hens laying… I hope this doesn’t turn into too much of a good thing. :)  We love painting!  In creating a load for Goodwill, I came across a set of sidewalk paints we hadn’t seen in a while.  Fun, Fun.  Sister is learning about design at school and part of that involves learning about watercolor and acrylic paints.  Will & she had a chance to try their skills at family orientation night.  (Sister’s creation, Will’s creation)  Brother too likes painting but sometimes to avoid the mess of actual paints we visit Speaking of art, there was a reception for Mary at the State Capitol this past Saturday.  We packed up the kids and drove to the city.  It was good to see family and friends though somehow the setting made things odd.  I dressed up for the occasion but my shoes gave me blisters and actually removed skin from the top of my foot (TMI, I know… I was so glad to be back in my Crocs.)  Brother got his head stuck in the second floor railing around the rotunda.  Sister had a major meltdown at picture time.  And Will, who had not had a chance to talk to his Grandmother in a month, only managed a perfunctory “hello, nice to see you” before we had to leave.  It was like entering a sort of alternate reality where even simple things are a struggle and stress is the norm.  On the upside, no one else seemed to share our Twighlight Zone experience.  In fact, they all seemed to have a fine time and it was a nice honor for Mary.  Also, the strange haze seemed to lift as soon as we were en route home.  And the kids behaved beautifully in the car which gives me hope for our trip to Wichita this weekend.