Brother turns two today.  We are having his party on Saturday (Thomas the Tank Engine theme – more on that madness later) but today is his official birthday and even though we agreed not to say anything until the party (don’t want to confuse him) somehow he seems to know.  First thing, just like always, I took his diaper off and expected him to go get a new one.  When he didn’t return I went looking and where did I find him?… struggling with the potty seat.  “What are you doing, Brother?”  “Potty, mom.  Me try.”   Okay, that’s a change.  I am almost certain he’s grown an inch this past week and within the last couple of days his complete sentences have doubled.  My favorites –  “Help us, please.”; “Come, come, follow me.” and the very best one “I love you……………Mom.”  He can turn a somersault, jump and loves to spin until he is so dizzy he can’t stand up.    Happy Birthday, Son.