Water, Water & More Water

Sometime in the middle of this summer the $5 blowup pool from Wal-mart saw its last day and we have been without ever since.  We’ve made do with sprinklers and rain puddles and trips to the Jenks water park but the day before yesterday inspiration hit.  I took the lid off of a large rubbermaid storage tub sat it in the shade and filled it with water along with another smaller tub I keep the kid’s stuffed animals in.  Then, and I think this was part of the fun, I let the kids play with their clothes on.  I grabbed a lawn chair and a book I’ve been meaning to read and sat at a safe distance to watch.  I’m not certain quite how long they played but I made it to page 54 of the book – which has no pictures, BTW. Grandma liked the idea so much she took it a step further and asked me to create a “water park” for all the cousins to play in on Aunt P.’s birthday… Here are the pics of that

Finally, today we (Will, Brother, Sister & I) headed to Lake Keystone.  In all the time we’ve lived in Tulsa I’ve never gone.  We didn’t know exactly what would be available but we packed a small picnic lunch and our swimsuits just in case.  Will and I told the kids we were “just taking a drive” and headed off.  It was no problem to find a place to eat our lunch and swim.  I can’t believe we’ve never done this before.  We will definitely be going again.  Sister loved it!