Magic Mommy Kisses

For a couple of months now I’ve kissed Brother’s scrapes and bumps and bruises to “make them better.” Each time he immediately stops crying, says “tanks, Mom”, and returns to playing. He has even come to find me on his own a few times and ask for the kiss. The past couple of weeks however there has been a change. Now when I ask, “do you want me to kiss it?” He promptly replies, “No, I kiss it.” which he does or at least attempts to do. This is especially funny when the booboo is on his head. His own kisses seem to have the same effect as the magic mommy ones, by the way.
As I recall, Sister was of a completely different breed. She never believed in the magic of mommy’s kisses. For her it was (and still is) the magic “mommy hold me until absolutely all the physical hurt is gone and I am certain I’m not psychologically scarred .”