Goodbye, Selkie

My favorite blog has come to an end. I am actually sad about this which is a little strange considering I don’t even know this person but I identify with almost everything she has written and even more so with her reasons for stopping.
“As much as I would like to be a good mother, a good homemaker, and a good blogger, the fact is I can really only manage two out of three.” – Selkie
So many roles to fill and not so much time. It’s the same reason I am no longer a partner at Natural Lullabies. The cause is just but I can’t justify the time such a cause requires.
Of late my only appointments have been related to selling the house, storytime, Little Gym and of course dates with my boyfriend. The house madness will end soon enough and then basically everything I do will revolve around my family. I will still be busy … probably (I seem to have a need for multiple projects.) but it will be a meaningful business. It will be a business with lasting value. Growing a strong family is a noble cause that too many have forsaken. I no longer want to one of that “many”.