Yo yo’s, storytime, & piano’s

Here are the highlights for Monday, June 17th Grandma left early in the morning for her trip to DC and Papa left that afternoon so we are all alone for the first time since moving to 8700.  It’s a little strange not hearing the movements upstairs or having someone to eat lunch with … and being completely responsible for the kids again.  I hadn’t quite realized how much pressure is removed just knowing there is another adult around who could help if asked.  I am going to try to get the upstairs kitchen in order before they (read she) comes back.  I have already thrown out a box (a large box) of tupperware lids with no tupperware. (I think I’ll just keep my comments to myself about that one.) 

In other news, Sister can yo-yo.  I found a Duncan in some of Aunt R.’s stuff this weekend (that’s another story) and within a morning Sister had figured it out.  She’s actually about as good as I am at this point.  Which is not saying much except that she is 4 and I am …. ahem … over 25. As on every Monday evening for the past few weeks, we picked up Cousin I. and made our sojourn to storytime.  The only evening storytime is across town at Hardesty library so the half hour event actually takes an hour and a half.  But it’s okay.  It’s an oppurtunity to get the kids familiar with the library and reading, it’s fun and it’s free.  I can’t believe how many kid friendly, free (and relatively cheap) activities there are in Tulsa.  Anyone who is bored this summer just isnt’ looking. 

Will and Sister went to Gate this weekend, had a great time, and bought a piano.  $95 with the bench and a whole scad of music.  James and Sheila brought it for us Monday evening.  Given our space constraints I was a little dismayed when Will told me of his purchase but it is so perfect for living room and now the children (& I) will be able to learn together.