Diaper Thoughts

When Sister was a baby it never occurred to me to use cloth diapers. Pins and Folding and Leaking!?! No way! With Brother, I considered the option just because by then I knew there actually were options. Snappies, velcro, & buttons made the idea more agreeable. Still the ease of staying mainstream kept us from that route until (15 mo) Brother developed a mysterious rash – bumpy, blotchy, red, obviously uncomfortable (even painful at times) and absolutely impossible to treat. Could it be the diapers? Around 19 months our pediatrician confirmed that it was an allergic reaction and agreed with our assesment that the diapers were to blame. And so began the big switch. A quick Google revealed so many choices….everyone with a name cuter than the last. (Tiny Tush, Swaddlebees, Bumkins, Bummis, Kissaluvs, Bum Genius, Mother-Ease, Kushies.) And everyone with ads and disads. (high cost, low cost, great for day not for night and naps, needs a cover but easy to wash, doesn’t need a cover but only fits one size.) Finally, we settled on Fuzzi Bunz – cute, huh? And the rash disappeared overnight.
Skip ahead 4 months. We are in the middle of moving, Brother needs a change and the cloth diapers are “all the way” downstairs. I sneak a disposable from Grandma’s stash and hope that the allergy won’t pick up on the trick until the next change. It doesn’t. A couple of days later, it happens again. I can feel myself slipping back into mainstream. I have never regreted or resented the switch to cloth. I really never thought of it as any more or less difficult than disposables… until now. But it’s more than just our move prompting me to think of changing back. In the hot weather, the cloth diapers have started causing a rash and after 4 days the disposables have not. Even double duty nighttime diapers have started leaking. And the biggest reason of all, Brother actually likes changing when we use the “elmo, bird” diapers. He actually wants to change and tells me when he needs a change. These are actions I was told to expect from a toddler wearing cloth but with cloth my son runs away and says, “NO!” even when he clearly needs a new diaper.
I have washed all my Fuzzi Bunz and am going through the leftover Pampers. There is about a week’s worth left. Decisions, decisions.